Position Overview:

As a Document Control Manager (m/f/d), you will play a vital role within our Special Lightweight Structures and Facades Engineering Company, responsible for overseeing the organisation, management and maintenance of all project-related documents and records. You will ensure accurate and efficient document management throughout the project lifecycle, promoting compliance with industry standards and internal procedures.

Your Tasks:

Document Management:
  • Develop and implement document control procedures, policies and guidelines for the entire organisation, ensuring consistency and compliance.
  • Establish a centralised document repository and implement a systematic approach for the storage, retrieval and version control of project-related documents.
  • Manage the lifecycle of various documents, including drawings, specifications, contracts, correspondence and other project-related materials.

    Record Keeping:

    • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all project documents, ensuring accessibility and traceability for internal and external stakeholders.
    • Create and manage a comprehensive filing system, both physical and digital, to facilitate efficient document retrieval and archival.

      Document Control Software:

      • Select following discussion with the COO, then implement and oversee the use of appropriate document control software or tools to enhance efficiency, security and collaboration in document management.
      • Provide training and support to team members on the proper use of document control software and tools.

        Quality Assurance:

        • Ensure that all project documents are consistent with established standards, including formatting, nomenclature and numbering conventions.
        • Perform regular audits to identify discrepancies, inconsistencies or gaps in document control processes and take corrective actions.


          • Collaborate with project managers, engineers, designers and other stakeholders to coordinate the flow of documents, revisions and approvals. Facilitate effective communication between various departments to ensure the timely and accurate exchange of project-related information.

          Change Management:

          • Manage document change requests and revisions, coordinating with relevant stakeholders to ensure proper review, approval and distribution of updated documents.

            Security and Confidentiality:

            • Implement measures to protect sensitive and confidential information contained in project documents, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

              Your Profile:

              • Bachelor's degree in engineering, architecture, project management or a related field. Relevant certifications are a plus.
              • Proven experience (5+ years) in document control, preferably within the construction, engineering or architectural sectors.
              • Strong understanding of document management principles, standards and best practices. Proficiency in using document control software and tools. Attention to detail and strong organisational skills.
              • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities. Ability to work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment. Problem-solving skills and the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Familiarity with lightweight structures and facades engineering is advantageous.

                What We Offer You:

                • Competitive salary package
                • Comprehensive benefits package (e.g. company pension scheme with attractive employer contribution)
                • Professional development and training opportunities
                • Collaborative, inclusive and intercultural work environment
                • A high degree of responsibility and initiative with room for the realisation of new ideas
                • Opportunity to work on innovative and cutting-edge projects
                • Flexible working hours and 30 days annual leave
                • Activities such as company yoga and joint company lunches
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